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We are a podcast that discusses Star Wars Legion, a miniature wargame. Want to talk to us about the game, please join our Discord: (Just copy and paste the URL) (If you have issues, please reach out to either or on discord reach out to BirdlandFan88#0313).

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Tuesday Sep 26, 2023

This week Brendan quickly recounts a recent tournament he attended at Game Kastle in College Park, MD. Then we dig into all the reveals from Ministravaganza! There was a lot to cover and some things excited us more than others.
If you enjoy our content and want to watch some battle reports, check out our friends at Crit 2 Block on Youtube: .

Tuesday Sep 12, 2023

This week Koray and Brendan recap their time at the NOVA Open this year. How they did and what happened in their games. We talk about a listbuilding mailbag request. Lastly, we talk about the various communications that came out from AMG prior to Ministravaganza. 
If you enjoy our content and want to watch some battle reports, check out our friends at Crit 2 Block on Youtube: .

Tuesday Aug 29, 2023

This week Koray and Brendan recap a tournament at Koray's local store. We also answer TWO email questions we received. Afterwards we descend into chaos with no organization whatsoever for our conversation. 

Tuesday Aug 15, 2023

This week Koray and John run the show without Brendan. Does this mean it doesn't go off the rails? John talks about his recent tournament played locally. They also do a tournament meta chat: What are people bringing and is Armor really dead? (If these aren't the topics, Brendan was lied to when writing this description.)

Tuesday Aug 01, 2023

This week we talk about the recent tournament at Gamers-Corps. We debate if the X-34 Landspeeder is Glorious or Inglorious. We also talk about Tempest Force and some ways to build lists for it.

Tuesday Jul 18, 2023

This week the Blasters debate on if the B2 Corps unit is Glorious or Inglorious. Then we discuss how to build lists with Ewoks and how to build lists to counter Ewoks. 

Tuesday Jul 04, 2023

This week we recap the Atlantic City Open and Koray recaps a tournament he went to the following week at Top Deck Games. Happy 4th of July to those who celebrate it! Also, if you missed ACO all of the streamed games are now available on the YavinBase Youtube Channel. Lastly, if you are in the Baltimore area, tickets are on sale to play at Brendan's LGS, Gamers-Corps for a Store Championship and Worlds Invite. 

Tuesday Jun 13, 2023

This week Brendan shares his experience running a LAAT list at a local tournament, but was it the Imperial or Republic LAAT? We go over our thoughts on the new points and errata that came out and we briefly discuss some of the new Ewok info about Logray and the Bright Tree Battleforce.

Tuesday May 30, 2023

This week Koray and Brendan are joined again by the Evans from The Fifth Trooper to debate on the LAAT, both the Empire and Republic versions. The Blasters then go over the Ewok reveals we have gotten so far in articles from AMG. 

Tuesday May 16, 2023

This week we address some questions we received from a listener and we debate the AT-RT, is it Glorious or Inglorious?

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